Nude Female Strippers

Many of the world’s hottest porn actresses and adult models started off their careers as nude female strippers. Here are some of our favorites.

  1. Lola Bel Aire. This Minneapolis-based burlesque performer tops our list of the best nude female strippers.
  2. Danni Ashe. Prior to launching one of the most successful porn sites on the web, Danni Ashe was a damn hot nude female stripper.
  3. Dita von Teese. This dark-haired beauty of Armenian heritage has been heralded by the likes of Marilyn Manson for her incredible burlesque talents.
  4. Missy Malone. Malone is one of the hottest nude female strippers on the British burlesque scene, and her performances throughout Europe have become legendary.
  5. Elisabeth Eaves. Before writing one of the best books about the art of striptease, Eaves worked as a stripper herself at the Lusty Lady in Seattle.
  6. Heather Veitch. Prior to becoming a Christian missionary, this blonde beauty was one of the leading nude female strippers around. We still can’t get enough of her!
  7. Lily Burana. Burana is an author, teacher, and stripping activist who has stripped all over the United States, but now lives in New York, where she gives burlesque classes to the wives of deployed soldiers.
  8. Sally Yoshino. Not only is this Asian beauty a personality in the world of porn, she is also one of the hottest nude female strippers we’ve come across in a decade or more.
  9. Tila Tequila. She’s hot, she’s multi-talented, and boy does she know how to get a guy aroused.
  10. Brianna Frost. This busty Chicagoan has no problem getting naked in her many online striptease videos. She thus rounds out our list of the best nude female strippers working today.
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