Nude Female Wrestlers

Nude female wrestlers all have two things in common- they've all laid the smack down on their opponents, and they've all appeared nude in "Playboy." Fans have always wondered what these formidable femme fatales looked like under their skimpy outfits, and these eight women left nothing to the imagination.
  1. Rena Mero. Also known as "Sable", her nude appearance in the April 1999 issue of "Playboy" made it one of the highest selling of all time. Five months later the female wrestler posed again using her real name instead of her wrestling moniker. That appearance made Mero was the first woman in history to be featured on two "Playboy" covers in the same year.  
  2. Joanie Laurer. Billed as "Chyna: the Ninth Wonder of the World", Laurer was one of the WWF's most popular female wrestlers when she posed nude for "Playboy" in November of 2000. After her departure from wrestling in 2002, she appeared in her second pictorial. In 2004, the same company that released Paris Hilton's sex tape obtained X-rated footage of Laurer with boyfriend Sean Waltman. They released it under the name "1 Night in China" and both Laurer and Waltman received a cut of the profits. 
  3. Torrie Wilson. In May 2003, Wilson appeared on the cover of "Playboy" and was featured in a pictorial that had received months of hype. A faux-feud between her and former cover girl Sable was concocted for "WWE Raw" and the two would later appear together on the cover of the March 2004 issue of "Playboy."
  4. Christy Hemme. In August of 2004, she was announced as the winner of "Diva Search," a competition that WWE uses to find new female wrestlers. She joined "Raw" shortly after and posed nude for "Playboy" in April of 2005. 
  5. Ashley Massaro. Another "Diva Search" winner, Massaro claimed the title a year after Hemme. After officially joining the WWE, she graced the cover of the April 2007 issue of "Playboy". This was not her first time posing for the magazine though. The wrestler had previously appeared nude in the pages of "Playboy" on two occasions under the pseudonym Mackenzie Ryan. 
  6. Taryn Terrell. She competed in the 2007 "Diva Search" but was ultimately eliminated near the end of the competition. Despite her departure, she was offered a development contract with WWE. She appeared in the February/March 2010 issue of the "Playboy Lingerie Special Edition" but the photos weren't new- they were collected from previous pictorials Terrell had done before joining WWE.
  7. Maryse Ouellet. After a successful career as a model, Ouellet was hired by WWE in 2006 after competing in "Diva Search." A year later this female wrestler appeared on the cover of "Playboy's Girls of Canada" calendar. 
  8. Candice Michelle. She was hired by WWE in 2004 and in April of 2006 she made the cover of "Playboy." Although that appearance was the first time she had appeared nude in print, it wasn't the first time she had bared all for "Playboy." Two years before joining WWE, Michelle had been one of their Cyber Girls.
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