Nude Horse Back Ride Essentials

If you are considering this alternative activity then you need to know some nude horseback ride essentials. ‘Free’ riding can be a lot of fun with the proper training and know how. Nude horseback riding is not a different style of riding its simply one in which you wear little to no clothing. The following tips will help you have a better time during and after your ride.

  1. Be legal. Make sure that full body exposure is legal in the area where you plan to ride. The safest places to go are nudist or naturalist camps and beaches that specialize in nude horseback riding. Getting a fine for indecent exposure does not make for a good time.
  2. Take Lessons. Before you cut loose and jump on the horse next door you may want to consider taking a few riding lessons. Most nude horseback riding is done bareback without a saddle or stirrups. You must have some prior riding experience. You will need to practice mounting and dismounting without using the stirrups and practice controlling the horse by leg movements.
  3. Use the right equipment. Saddles are generally not used in most nude horseback riding activities. You body is your equipment. Make sure you are in good physical shape have strong thigh muscles and a good sense of balance. Australian soft saddles and blankets can be used if you would like a little more protection for the delicate body parts. Practice caution if using a leather or vinyl saddle as they will heat up in the sun.
  4. Clothing. Yes, you can wear some clothing if desired. Riding boots are permitted if you are using a saddle. Light shirts can be taken to wear if you get sunburned or it gets cold.
  5. Apply both sunscreen and insect repellent. Use a good quality waterproof sport sunscreen and apply it at least twenty minutes before your nude horseback ride. Also take along insect repellent. Never apply insect repellent near or when riding a horse. Both the sound and scent can cause them to spook. Insect repellents for humans can cause an unwanted chemical reaction or allergy for the horse. A natural insect repellent, safe for humans and horses, is about ten drops of lemon grass essential oil diluted in one ounce of water
  6. Avoid wearing jewelry. Metal can heat up in the sun. Sunlight flashing off jewelry can make a horse spook as can jewelry that jingles or clinks.
  7. Use a thick emollient-based lotion on inner thighs, legs and arms. Using lotions with mineral oil, cocoa butter or shea butter can help protect your skin from chafing. Try to find an unscented or lightly scented lotion. Horses are sensitive to strong scents.
  8. Take apples and carrots with you when you nude horseback ride. It’s always good to make friends with the horse before you go for your ride. Horses love a healthy treat like carrots and apples.

Now you that you have a better idea of nude horseback riding essentials you can make informed plans for your first ride. Living a safe nudist lifestyle is healthy for your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Relax, take your clothes off but you can leave your hat on.

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