Nude Photography Tips

For many people nude photography tips can make an otherwise uncomfortable subject to work with much more comfortable. These tips will help both parties be more relaxed as well as make for better, more beautiful nude photographs.

  1. The model should be as comfortable as possible. If doing nude photography, be sure that privacy is maintained. Windows should be closed and there should be limited people present. Also, it helps to keep the room warmer. Remember, the model is nude so if your studio is too cool, it will be hard for them to work in comfort.
  2. Know ahead of time what poses you are going to do. Being professional means being prepared. Have a list of poses that you want to photograph to be sure that the model knows what to expect. Doing this will also help to save you and the model time, especially if you are renting space or have multiple models to photograph that day.
  3. Respect your model’s personal space. Many models don’t like when their photographer gets next to their body with the camera so it may be wise to use various lenses to get those up and close photographs. If at any time, a pose makes either party uncomfortable, stop the pose and move to a pose that is more comfortable.
  4. For added comfort to both parties, have a third party join.  If the air is still uncomfortable for either party, especially on the first shoot, try having a friend or family member of the model join to stand or sit in the room. This is a simple but sometimes important step to ensure that both parties are comfortable and relaxed.
  5. Turn the face away from the lens. For most nude models, it is of upmost importance to them that their identities are hidden. This will help them to relax and make the poses more believable and can add to the overall feel of the shot.
  6. Be sure to keep the frame uncluttered. As with any kind of artistic photograph, keeping the picture uncluttered will help accentuate the model as the main focus. Making the photo too busy will take away from the overall feel and could render the shot unusable.
  7. Lighting is the key to a great shot. Lighting can make the photographs come out better and add to the overall feel. For some shots, slight glows from a lamp or deeper highlights are desired for a deeper, more emotional effect.
  8. If all else fails, try black and white shots. Sometimes, if some shots aren’t working a black and white setting on the camera can bring an added dimension. This is especially true for shots that are showing more of the shapes and values than the actual body. It can also deepen the overall feel of the photograph and hide any blemishes and imperfections.
  9. Keep it simple for both parties involved. Simple poses make it easier for the model to get comfortable and for the photographer to set up. It also makes for a smoother, more interesting photo shoot. Too many difficult poses will tire out the model and make it difficult for the set to be finished in one day.
  10. Try nearly nude. If being completely nude is too much for the model or for the photographer, try draping fabric over the body. Using a drape to cover some or even most of the skin can make a mysterious and beautiful picture that might have been missed with a completely nude pose.

Following these ten simple nude photography tips can help the overall atmosphere of the photo shoot and make for beautiful artistic nude photographs.

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