Nudism Lifestyle

There is a misconception that the nudist or nudism lifestyle is synonymous with sex. The truth is, the nudism lifestyle has absolutely nothing to do with sexual intercourse or lovemaking. It is in essence, a social and cultural movement that is based on a personal, family or social nudism.

Those who follow the nudist lifestyle seek to be closer to nature. They may also simply want the freedom to shed their clothes, to be free from any inhibitions. Nudists believe in destigmatizing the human sexual organs, reacting when they see a person's genitalia very much the same way they would react when they see an ear, foot or an elbow.

Some go as far as making the nudism lifestyle a political movement. They campaign to bring the nudism fully into the public eye whilst actively promoting the idea of being comfortable without any clothes to the general public. A few even work to make displays of public nudity and nudism legal everywhere.

However involved a number of nudists are to the nudism lifestyle cause, it still boils down to being naked wherever and whenever they can based on current laws. Nudists like to go au naturale as much as they can as long as current laws permit. Nudists are generally naked in their homes. If it is a nudist household, then the entire family stays naked most of the time.

Since public nudism is still largely unaccepted, many frequently visit nudist resorts and nudist colonies so they can enjoy that feeling of freedom together with others who share the nudist lifestyle. These destinations are mostly privately owned with each having its own set of rules.

Resorts are normally labeled as family or adult only. A few of these places are single friendly but some do limit the number of males admitted. Increasingly though, there are more and more resorts that do not allow single men to enter.

Inside these resorts, almost all are totally naked while a few opt to carry a towel around. The towel is not really used as a piece of clothing. It is mostly employed as a cushion to sit on or as a cover to shield vacationers if the sun gets too hot.

Those who think that wild orgies happen all the time in these places will be quite disappointed. True nudism shuns that sort of behavior. In fact, most resorts do not allow sexual displays in public and have banned individuals who have openly engaged in any type of sexual activity.  

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