Nudist Lifestyle

Some kinky thoughts might come to mind when trying to picture the nudist lifestyle, but there’s actually a lot more to it than just stripping down butt naked and running free. It’s a lifestyle of freedom to be enjoyed. Many people that live as nudists will be quick to tell you that being nude helps you broadcast who you really are and become more in tune with yourself. To the nudist, it is hard to send out a message of who you really are when you are covered in designer clothing, jewelry and accessories that cover the body.

Living the nudist lifestyle means living in a completely nude nature without regards to clothing. Of course, for work and other professional ventures, the nudist may wear clothes in certain situations. However, when the nudist is free to do as he/she pleases, you can typically find them in absolutely nothing.

Many nudists often join together in certain situations such as resort events or parties. These are often considered to be safe havens for nudists where they can strut around with other nudists without the worry of being criticized or scrutinized. At these parties, the only thing to be worn is a towel, and that’s only when sitting down to prevent coming into contact with germs and bacteria. At nudist parties, it is often even encouraged to wear something sexy that embraces nudism such as a fishnet dress or other item.

Many people picture sex being more likely and free among nudists, when in actuality this is not true. To most nudists, sex is still as sacred and secretive as it is for those who wear clothing. Being nude has nothing to do with sex to the modern nudist, as most clothed people would assume since they associate being naked with sexual activities.

If you’re thinking about partaking in the nudist lifestyle or want to sniff around to get a feel for it, many resorts will make clothing an option for newcomers. This is so that new nudists can get a feel for the nudist environment and work into the nude at their own pace. If you’re not sure where to start, “clothing optional” resorts would be a good place to begin.

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