Nuwave Oven Complaints

The Nuwave Oven does get a lot of good reviews on online shopping, although the number of Nuwave Oven complaints is also very significant. Complaints range from slow cooking time to a sudden lack of replacement parts. Here, we'll examine some of the common problems people experience with the Nuwave Oven. 

Some of the Nuwave Oven complaints originate in the high expectations that the infomercials plant in people's minds about a faster cooking speed. The infomercials suggest that the Nuwave Oven greatly shortens the amount of time needed to cook most food items. Some customers realize that the Nuwave Oven isn't as fast as they were lead to believe. Others say that the cooking time for many foods is about 50%-75% of conventional oven cooking time.

The biggest problem customers seem to have is a lack of a reliable estimate for the length of time a particular food item should be in the oven. People complain about rubbery fish and other meats after cooking them in the Nuwave oven. Customers may overcook or undercook items without realizing it. After all, there are no Nuwave Oven cooking instructions on the TV dinners you buy at the grocery store. Because many customers praise the Nuwave oven, it may be safe to say that these same customers are getting the cooking times right somehow. 

Another common Nuwave Oven complaint is that the dome can break after a while. Nuwave sells replace domes for $15.00 USD. 

Billing issues amount to one of the top customer complaints. You can buy the Nuwave Oven at many department stores or you can order it direct through the official website. Some customers who choose the latter complain about threatening failure-to-pay notices after the company tries to bill installments to their credit cards. A quick check of complaint websites can reveal the fact that Nuwave may have some bureaucratic issues to take care of. This seems more likely than online scam activities. 

If you want to feel safe about purchasing a Nuwave Oven, type "nuwave oven" into your favorite search engine. You'll find reviews, complaints and a variety of stores that carry the oven. By the way, the Nuwave oven reviews online average 4+ stars.

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