Oblivion Cheats For PC

Looking for a few "Oblivion" cheats for PC? The full name of "Oblivion" is "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." "Oblivion" is a role playing computer game that was made by Bethesda Game Studios for Windows operating systems only. In Oblivion, there is a cult that is on a mission to open a realm called Oblivion. Your goal in "Oblivion" is to prevent that from happening. Here are a few "Oblivion" cheats for PC:

  1. Instant Kill. The instant kill "Oblivion" cheat is a great cheat code if you are having difficulty with a certain character in the game. You must click on the character that you are fighting in order to use this cheat code. Once you have done that, press ~ on your keyboard, type kill into the dialog box and press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  2. Unlock Target Object. Are you having a hard time collecting a target object in "Oblivion?" You can rectify that situation by using the unlock target object "Oblivion" cheat for PC. To use this cheat code, simply press the ~ key on your keyboard, type in unlock and press Enter.
  3. Gold. You will need gold throughout the game to purchase weapons and other resources. You can use the "Oblivion" gold cheat for PC by pressing ~, typing in player.additem 0000000F 'XXX'. The 'XXX' stands for the amount of gold that you would like added.
  4. Quest Target. You will love the quest target "Oblivion" cheat for PC if you want to bypass a certain level to move onto another. You can use this cheat code by pressing the ~ key on your keyboard, typing in movetoqt and pressing Enter. Please note that this cheat code makes "Oblivion" a much shorter game.
  5. Adding Skill. Adding skill in "Oblivion" is a great way to give your character the boost that he needs to defeat one of the cult members. To use the add skill "Oblivion" cheat code for PC, press ~ on your keyboard, type in modpcs skill 100 and press Enter. This "Oblivion" cheat code will add 100 skill points to your character.
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