Oblivion House Mods

"The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" offers a large selection of housing throughout the game, but these "Oblivion" house mods add much more variety. Many of the main cities in "Oblivion" offer housing, ranging from the absolutely dirt-cheap shacks to the large, expensive houses. These "Oblivion" house mods will add a nice amount of very detailed houses and even toss in whole new cities. Use these mods when you want to have fancy new houses all around the world map.

  1. Stalhrim Village. This "Oblivion" mod goes far beyond a regular house mod by adding an entire city to the game. Located in the mountains near Skyrim, this village offers multiple houses for the player to live in. This place is much more detailed than any house available in the base "Oblivion" game. From fireplaces to lounges, this "Oblivion" house mod has it all.
  2. Blue Rose Cottage. This "Oblivion" house mods allows access to a cottage on the road to Burma. Being quite larger than most other houses, this house mod adds in a dining room, a full kitchen and even a large storage room. Upstairs has the usual master bedroom, while the basement has an actual training area where you can practice your skills and even level up your character, if you practice enough. The theme colors of the house are blue and pink, so if you enjoy both of those colors, this "Oblivion" house mod may be good for you.
  3. Star Ship Orion. This "Oblivion" house mod is one of the more large and ridiculous ones. The house is, of course, a giant space ship. In order to get on board, you will have to in the area of Roland Jenseric's cabin, just North east of the Imperial City. A fast travel marker will activate, allowing easy access later in the game. This ship is huge, and features many of the futuristic items and areas many would expect from a spaceship. This "Oblivion" house mod has all the things you would find in the Imperial City and more. The starship even has portals to many of the main cities in the game.

To install any of these mods, unzip the downloaded files into your base "Oblivion" file. The mods will copy into the folder and be accessible from in game.

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