Oblivion: How To Buy A House

This guide will help you learn about Oblivion: how to buy a house. Houses in the role playing game of "Oblivion" are virtual structures where a player can store things and sleep. With the exception of Kvatch, every other major city in the game has houses that can be bought. Purchasing a house makes it easy and safe for players to store items. This article will help you learn how to buy a house in "Oblivion." Below you will find details for purchasing houses in various cities in the game. 

  1. Buy a house in Anvil. In Anvil, you will find out that Benirus Manor can be bought for 5000 gold from Velwyn Benirus. The house is haunted and you will have to complete the "Where Spirits Have Lease" quest in order to rid the house of a curse.
  2. Buying a house in Bravil will cost you 4,000 gold. The house is below the place of Luciana Galena and can be bought by increasing the disposition of Count Regulus Terentius to 50. Buying a house in Bravil will cost you 4000 gold. 
  3. Buy a house in Bruma for 10,000 gold from Countess Narina Carvain after getting her disposition to 60. However, you will need to finish the "Lifting the Vale" quest if you are already in it before purchasing the house. 
  4. In Cheydinhal, the Count will sell you a house when you get his disposition to 60. He can be found in the Cheydinhal Castle County Hall. The house costs 15,000 gold.
  5. In Chorrol, the house named Arborwatch can be bought for 20,000 gold from Countess Arriana Valga after increasing her disposition to 70. You also must attain thirteen fame before you can purchase this house. It is next door to the Mages Guild. 
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