Oblivion: How To Cure Vampirism

Many people wonder how to cure vampirism in Oblivion. While vampires excel in strength and spells, merchants refuse to sell to them, many NPCs will not talk to them and of course there is the whole sun thing. The cure for vampirism in Oblivion is not easy though, and will take you all over the game.

  1. Where to begin. When you get tired of feeding on stable hands and start to wonder how to cure vampirism in Oblivion, the first step is to go to church. At the church you can pray and talk to people which will start your quest to find the cure. You will be sent all over the map, so get ready for some travel. At the end of your travels, you will be forced to deal with a witch named Melisande in Drakelowe.
  2. Grand Soul Gem quest. Before she makes a cure for vampirism, Melisande will demand five empty Grand Soul Gems. You may already have some, but if not, get ready for some Oblivion fun. Behind the rock walls in the Crayfish Cave (Zone four) is a gem. In Nornal Ageasel you can find a gem behind a hidden door. There is a gem hidden behind a rock wall in the Squandered Mine (Zone three). You can steal one from Melisande herself if you creep through her fireplace next to her bed. The last Grand Soul Gem can be found from the merchant in any Mages guild except for Skingrad. Now the witch will give you a shopping list.
  3. Bloodgrass. You will need two blades of bloodgrass to cure vampirism in Oblivion. You can find this stuff everywhere and purchase it at most alchemy shops.
  4. Garlic. Naturally, you will need garlic to cure vampirism. You need six cloves. Pretty much every house in Oblivion has garlic somewhere. Try the tables or the basement.
  5. Nightshade. Five leaves of nightshade are required for the vampirism cure. You can always find it growing around Arcane University. It is also common in West Weald.
  6. Blood of the lizard man. The Argonians, or lizard people, have special blood you need for your vampirism cure. You can find them walking around all over. You only have to stab them once to get its blood. Stabbing creatures in Oblivion towns comes with penalties, so an easy alternative is to travel to Peryite's Shrine. Peryite is frozen (if you have not completed his quest) and you can stab him without retribution.
  7. The hard part. The final ingredient to cure vampirism in Oblivion is the ashes of a powerful vampire named Hindaril. He is found in Redwater Slough and is surrounded by other vampires. Use fire and take them down.
  8. The wait. The last step is to bring all the ingredients to the witch and she will tell you to wait a day. Do not hang out at her house because Melisande will grow angry and attack you. So, leave and come back. When you return, you will get two potions. One to use as a cure and one to use as a quest item. After you drink the potion, you cannot become a vampire again. 
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