Oblivion: How To Lockpick

The videogame "Oblivion" focuses on players using their lockpicking skills so this is a time in which learning in Oblivion: how to lockpick would definitely come in handy. Oblivion has been made for the PS3, Xbox 360, as well as the  PC. Each console or system follow the same general strategy that is used to practice lockpicking. In this game lockpicking can be used to complete missions and allows you to fully experience the game. Here are a strategies that you can use in Oblivion the next time you need to lockpick.

  1. If you are playing Oblivion on a PS3,or PC  then the strategy is the same. Choose the pin that you want to push and use the arrows keys to scroll towards the pin. Make sure that pin is above the lockpick. These next movements must be done simultaneously and must be timed to work correctly. Start by pressing the pin upwards this should move the pin towards the lock. Right as the pin hits the lock press the "X" button. If you here a noise then this indicates that you need to press "X' once again. Use this strategy to push all of the pins up. If you mess up on one pin then the pick will break apart and cause the rest of pins that you previously pushed to fall as well. If this happens then you will have to start all over again with the first pin.
  2. Lockpick in Oblivion with an Xbox 360. Face the locked object and decide on which lock you want to unlock. Once you have decided press the "A' button on your controller. Slightly press the control stick at an angle. This will cause the the lockpick to tap against the tumbler. As you do this press the "A" button and this should pick the tumbler. If this does not work then you will have to adjust the speed and angle at which the lockpick taps against the tumbler. Change this up by slightly tapping your control stick at different angles until the tumbler is picked..
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