‘The OC’ Characters

“The O.C.” characters were emotionally distraught, confused and at times manipulative. This television hit series was about a trouble teen taken in by a wealthy family. List of characters would include the two most popular girls in school, the new kid in town who happens to don a bad boy image, a teenage boy no one ever noticed and parents as dysfunctional as their kids. Here is the breakdown.

  1. Ryan Atwood. Good-looking teenage boy from the wrong side of the tracks made one bad decision after another, ended up in jail. His lawyer developed empathy and took him home to Orange County, rich society meets trailer park. Ryan’s struggle at life and love made him one of the prominent characters of “The O.C.”
  2. Marissa Cooper. Her mother’s manipulative, her father’s a white-collar thief so was it a small wonder Marissa would become an addict and alcoholic. She fell in and out of love with Ryan which made their paring rich-girl, poor-boy an emotional roller coaster ride you didn’t want to miss. Her character central to “The O.C.” thriving on her emotional inability to cope with family and life.
  3. Seth Cohen. He’s the son of wealthy parents but before Ryan came to live with them he was invisible at school. Unnoticed by the kids at school and unnoticed by the love of his life Summer a girl way out of his league. Ryan helped change all that.
  4. Summer Roberts. Rich popular girl you love to hate. She’s Marissa’s best friend but unlike Marissa, she’s able to cope with her issues. Her mother’s a gold digger and her father a doctor who’s never around. These teenagers are the most popular characters of “The O.C.” show.
  5. Sandy Cohen. Seth’s father and the public defender who represented Ryan. Moral, ethical and all around good guy and good father figure.
  6. Kristen Cohen. Wife of Sandy, mother of Seth and surrogate mother to Ryan. She became an alcoholic during the series, daddy issues.
  7. Julie Cooper. Conniving manipulative gold-digger landed herself not one but two rich sugar daddies during the series. Mother of Marissa which didn’t do that teenager any favors. Julie by far was the most interesting adult character on “The O.C.” You didn’t know what she was plotting next.
  8. Caleb Nichol. Uber rich dude, father of Sandy and Julie’s target for marriage. He and Sandy butted heads on right and wrong issues. Sandy did what was right. Caleb did whatever he needed for money. Stern and unyielding and the most powerful man in Newport Beach.

These were the central characters of the family drama “The O.C.” Addiction, love, addictive love and volumes of issues to overcome hit close to home for many families who watched the show. Rich kids, poor kids, it’s all the same, it’s about fitting in.



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