‘The OC’ Last Episode Spoilers

"The OC" last episode spoilers will probably throw you for a loop as they are all curveballs that are coming in high and fast and, thus, are impossible to get a good read on. "The OC" was the once-powerful, primetime teen soap on Fox that only lasted four seasons. A powerhouse in its first two seasons, the show suffered massive and rapid ratings declines in its third and fourth seasons, especially after Mischa Barton's character, Marissa, was killed off.

  1. Seth and Summer Wed. The favorite, Jewish geek of primetime teen soap lovers everywhere, one Seth Cohen, finally gets hitched to his insanely long-time love interest and on-again, off-again girlfriend, Summer Roberts. This is part of the series finale's projection device where the audience gets to see what "The OC" characters are up to four years into the distant future.
  2. Ryan Atwood Becomes an Architect. Yes, throughout "The OC's" four seasons, you always received hints that Ryan would either become an architect or was somehow destined to become one. Ryan always expressed an interest in building (he used to work construction, remember?!) and reading confusing, architecture plans. Viewers will recall the scene where he confronts a contractor in Sandy's kitchen about how long a renovation is going at the Cohen house. This was after he saw the contractor's plans and used his budding, architectural savvy to tell him off!
  3. Ryan Atwood Passes the Gift of "The OC" on. The very final scene in "The OC's" last episode forecasts some kind of a weird and surreal continuation of "The OC's" theme, a continuation viewers won't get to see, but just know will occur based on Ryan's actions. Again, four years into the future, Ryan Atwood is now a professional architect walking away from a construction site, yet he sees this lonely looking kid who seems to be in the sort of bad place he himself was at when Sandy Cohen picked him up like a little, lost puppy in the premiere episode of "The OC." So he calls out to the kid, "Need any help?" and viewers can guess that Ryan will fill the role of Sandy to his new kid in some alternate, TV universe.



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