Oktoberfest Food Menu: What To Include

When planning your Oktoberfest food menu, what to include is always the first question. This German holiday focuses on the best German foods. The beers, pretzels, bratwurst and much, much more. To further celebrate Oktoberfest, there are carnival rides and games to play over the sixteen-day celebration that has a 200-year history. The very first Oktoberfest was in 1810 to celebrate the marriage of a prince and princess.

  1. Meats. There are a number of meats traditionally served in Germany during Oktoberfest. The most popular meats include Sauerbraten, Bratwurst, Wiener Schnitzel, Knockwurst and Rouladen.
  2. Potatoes. The side dishes are just as important on an Oktoberfest food menu as the meats. Potatoes play a prominent role and are served in many different varieties such as; Potato Pancakes, Potato Dumplings and Potato Salad.
  3. Cabbage. Oktoberfest food menus bring out many of the favorite German Cabbage recipes. Cooked red cabbage with apples and sauerkraut rank among the most popular.
  4. Sweets. An Oktoberfest food menu would not be complete without some sort of sweet or dessert. Adding  Black Forrest Cake, Apple Strudel and Chocolate Torte to your food will settle the sweet tooth of your guests at your celebration.
  5. Munchies. Every celebration needs munchies to enjoy while people are drinking their beer. Pretzels are the munchies of choice in Germany.
  6. Beer. Beer is a staple at Oktoberfest. Not only is beer a major part of the holiday, there is beeer brewed specifically for the celebration. A Marzen is one of the most popular beers found at these popular celebrations.
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