Online Time Management Games

Online time management games are designed for the player to manage their time, customers and money. In these types of games, each level usually equals one day. The goal in each level is to make a profit and purchase additional items. Most online time management games are flash files. So it’s time to race against the clock and play your favorite online time management games.

  1. Diner Dash. Your goal in Diner Dash is to build a restaurant empire. Your character is Flo and you need to serve your customer and serve them fast. There are two modes to this game: career mode and endless shift. Career mode goes through the career of Flo. Endless shift allows you play each level with no time limit. Diner Dash is the perfect game for all ages.
  2. Cake Shop. The goal of Cake Shop is to make and serve cakes. You will need an apron in this game because things get messy. As you advance levels, the customer become more demanding and impatient. Also more items are added each level such as ice cream and coffee.  This game is recommended for those over eight years old.
  3. Farm Frenzy. Farm Frenzy is a series of nine games. You will raise animals, process goods and sell those products to earn cash. You will have to deal with farm predators who want to destroy your products and toss the animals off the farm. In each level you will have various objectives to complete such as having a certain amount of money.
  4. Farm Mania. In Farm Mania, your goal is to tend your farm and earn money to purchase new items for your farm. Your characters are Anna and her grandfather. The higher levels will require more responsibility such as planting vegetables and becoming a beekeeper expert. This online time management game is perfect for the whole family.
  5. Cake Mania. Jill has opened her own bakery after graduating from culinary school in this fun online time management game. She wants to earn enough money to buy her grandparents bakery which has closed. In the game, customers line up and Jill takes their order and creates cakes for them. The money that she earn is used to purchase things such as a 2ndoven.
  6. Dr. Daisy Pet Vet. Dr. Daisy Pet Vet is a family game that is fast paced. Daisy is a graduate from vet school and she is doing her residency to become a pet vet. You can have up to 30 different pets in 50 levels. Your goal is to keep the pets happy and healthy. There are various locales she travels to such as a sea park and the city zoo.
  7. Wedding Dash. This is a spin-off of Diner Dash. Your character is Quinn, a wedding planner. There are two modes in this game. In career mode, the wedding planner must cater to the couple’s needs such as flowers and food and she must also prevent wedding disasters such as unwanted guests. In endless reception mode, there is no time limit. Wedding Dash is now available for Facebook.
  8. Pets Fun House. In this online time management game, you own your own pet shop and your goal is to breed the animals, care for them and sell them for cash. There are various types of pets to care for, each with their own needs. You will need to use the money you earn to purchase pet supplies.
  9. PotionBar. There are 35 levels with five locations in this online time management game. The bartender has vacated the bar and your job is to take over for him. You have an array of customer from easy to please to impatient. You will make cocktails with vampire fangs and decorate glasses as the customer requests.
  10. Hot Dish. In Hot Dish, you play a chef in the making. Your goal is to choose appetizers, entrees and desserts as requested by the customers. As the levels get higher, there are more courses and dishes. You will start making easy dishes such as pizza and progress to harder dishes such as cashew chicken.
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