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For those of you who have always wanted to touch type fast and professionally, without looking at your hands or the keyboard, now is the time to learn using online typing lessons! One of the best ways to gain this skill is through the use of online typing lessons. Here is a compilation of some of the best free online typing lessons available anywhere. By utilizing this list of the best free online typing lessons, you can practice and build up your speed over time. Gradually, you'll be able to type reports, emails and letters with speed and ease. If that sounds good to you, read on for some of the best free online typing lessons around.

  1. The first in the list of the best free online typing lessons not only offers lessons in keyboarding, but it allows you to review your lessons and gives the opportunity for you to set “word per minute” goals for yourself. The different lessons let you practice on different areas and sections of your computer keyboard. The website is very simple to use; you just click on the lesson of your choice and click the start button below the gray box. The letters and symbols that are visible in the gray box are what you will type into the little white bar underneath the gray screen. Easy! 
  2. Here, you have the option of choosing a regular keyboard or a dvorak keyboard. The dvorak keyboard is simplified, and requires less finger movements than the traditional “qwerty” keyboard. If you're not at all familiar with typing and keyboards, you might want to give the dvorak version a try. Other keyboard versions available for use on this website are the United Kingdom keyboard and the Colemak keyboard. There are several lessons to choose from, along with typing games. You'll also have the ability to test yourself as you progress through the lessons.
  3. Peter's Online Typing Lessons. In this free online typing course, you'll have the opportunity to use interactive multimedia. You'll learn the details of correct hand and finger placement, proper posture, where your “home row” is located, and how to use the shift keys while typing. The course consists of 18 lessons, which you can practice until you master each section.

Typing is loads of fun! You're sure to find that out for yourself when you check out these best free online typing courses. Happy typing!

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