Operation Flashpoint Cheat Codes

When you get tired of playing legitimately, try out these Operation Flashpoint cheat codes for an easy ride through the game. "Operation Flashpoint" is a tactical first-person shooter featuring a hypothetical war between Russia and America. The game features a major emphasis on vehicles as well as squad-based gameplay. These "Operation Flashpoint" cheat codes will help anyone beat the game with ease. To enter these "Operation Flashpoint" cheat codes, hold left shift and press the minus key on the keypad.

  1. God Mode. God mode is the go-to code when you want to plow through levels without any danger. To enable god mode in "Operation Flashpoint," open the cheat prompt and enter "iwillbetheone." God mode is great when you just want to mess around in the game without actually trying.
  2. Save anywhere. "Operation Flashpoint" is one of those games that does not use save points; it uses check points. This cheat code allows you to save your game at anytime. This is extremely good for if you run into a tough spot and do not want to fight all the way back from the check point. To enter this cheat code, type in "savegame."
  3. Unlock all the missions. This "Operation Flashpoint" cheat code does exactly as it says. It is great for when you just want to skip directly to a mission you enjoy. To enable this cheat code, enter "campaign." All the missions will be available on the main menu.
  4. Christmas. This cheat code turns the game into a decorated Christmas battlefield. If you play the game on Christmas day, numerous Christmas decorations will be placed around the game maps, such as Christmas trees and lights.
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