Operation Flashpoint PC Cheat Codes

The following "Operation Flashpoint" PC cheat codes are a useful tool to help you win the game. "Operation Flashpoint" is a first person shooter game that involves tactical military game play. The game consists of three different titles: Cold War Crisis, Dragon Rising, and Red River. Use these cheat codes to help you take your enemies out so you can defeat the game. To activate the cheats, press the shift key and the minus key to pull up a text box that will allow you to type the codes in.

  1. Moreammo – In this first "Operation Flashpoint" PC cheat code, you have the opportunity to get full ammunition. In order to use the code, you must be on the second level under campaign mode. Wait until your officer shouts “go, go, go” and then type in more ammo. If you are able to do this at the right time, then you will receive full ammo.
  2. Iwillbetheone – Type this "Operation Flashpoint" PC cheat code into the game in order to be on God mode. This allows you to control everything that is happening. To type the code in, remember to hold down the left shift key, as well as the keypad minus sign.
  3. Christmas time – If you want it to be Christmas time in the game, you can change the date. In order to do this, set the date to December 25th. This "Operation Flashpoint" PC cheat code will turn all of the trees into decorated pine trees. Not only that, but there will be presents under each of them.
  4. Endmission – If you want to end your current mission, you can enter this "Operation Flashpoint" PC cheat code. All you have to do is use the shift and minus key simultaneously in order to pull up the text box to type the cheat code in. That's all it will take to end your mission.
  5. Infinite ammunition – With this "Operation Flashpoint" PC cheat code, you don't actually need a code. In order to get the unlimited ammunition, you will need to be careful with your shots. All you will have to do is reload before your clip runs out of shots. If you do this in time, you will have infinite ammunition.
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