Oral Drug Test Facts

Oral drug testing is quite common, and it is important to learn oral drug test facts if you ever have to get one done. Although there are different ways to check for the presence of drugs including urine test, blood test and hair follicle, oral drug testing has proven to be more accurate and less invasive than the other testing.

An oral drug test is performed by using a test strip, and adding small quantities of saliva to the strip. The test after completed will reflect different color bands with each drugs having an assigned color and any traces of drugs will show based on the corresponding drug assigned color. Oral drug testing is routinely done for traces of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine as well as phencyclidine drugs.  .

There are many reasons why a saliva test is conducted, but most often it is done for employment screening. Employers choose oral drug testing versus other types of testing because of its convenience and the instantaneous results.

Additionally, there are many benefits to having an oral drug test. It provides an employer or anyone else who needs drug testing results the ability to have it done at any location without the assistance of a medical professional or laboratory to analyze the results. Additionally, the cost to perform the oral testing is relatively low and accurate.

When oral drug testing is used, it has the disadvantage of only showing usage within ten to 24 hours. Thus, a drug user who is familiar with how this drug testing works can stay cleans for several days and has a negative result, which would not be accurate. There have also been cases where drug users have smoke cigarettes prior to the testing and mask traces of drugs.

In comparison to other types of drug testing, you will find that hair follicle testing will show the personal history of drug use, but it takes time to obtain the results. Urine drug testing will show usage of drugs for much longer than an oral drug test. Blood testing is an accurate measure of drug use, but it requires drawing of blood and time to test the results and can only be done by a trained medical professional.



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