Oral Sex Advice

If you're looking for some oral sex advice, you've come to the right place. Oral sex the topic all men love, so here is some oral sex advice for the next time you want to please your woman. Women love receiving oral sex just as much as men do. The best way to give great oral sex to a woman is to know what satisfies her and what don't.

  1. Ask her what feels best when you are giving oral sex to her. Find out how she likes her clitoris stimulated, by licking or gently sucking it. She may also like to have your tongue as far inside her vagina as you can possibly get it.
  2. Most women if not all like their clitoris licked at all times. Circular motions are great but so is the licking up and down affect. When you know she is about to have an orgasm use your fingers and slide them inside her vagina in and out. Don't stop licking her clitoris, instead keep licking and gentle suck as you lick. She will go wild.
  3. Oral sex is great when you spice it up a little. Try dripping some honey, whipped cream or anything wet that is tasty  onto her vagina. It can be kind of sticky but will be very enjoyable for you both.
  4. Some women but not all like to have anal stimulation during oral sex. use your fingers and gently tease that area, if she likes it keep going. If she hates the idea, trust me she will let you know.



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