Organize A Bowling Tournament

If you want to organize a bowling tournament you just need a few things to set it up for success. After convincing a few friends that this is a great idea and talking them into joining a team, you can begin getting the bowling tournament organized.

You Will Need:

  • a bowling alley
  • bowling teams
  • players
  • poster/paper/spreadsheet to keep track of the tournament prizes for the winners (optional)
  1. Find a place to hold a bowling tournament. Choose from one of the local bowling alleys that has enough room to hold the teams and will be able to accommodate your group at the times that you need. Make sure that you find out what they are going to charge you and the tournament for the use of the bowling alley.
  2. Find people to play on the bowling teams. You can talk to people that already have teams set up or look to friends and family to set up their own teams. When it comes to a bowling tournament, the more the merrier. You can give them the option to choose team shirts to separate the different groups. Make sure you let them know how much they are going to pay as a team to participate in the bowling tournament.
  3. Choose how you want to organize a bowling tournament. You can set it up so that teams play each other twice and you calculate the number of pins as an overall score. If you are looking for a short, one day/night tournament you can set it up as a single or double elimination and each team just plays one game against another. This is the most difficult part of organizing a bowling tournament but once you have made a decision, things begin moving quickly.
  4. Make a chart to show teams how you have organized the bowling tournament. If you place it on a poster board and leave room to fill in scores and winners, the teams can always check the poster to see how they are doing and who they play next. This keeps everyone informed and can keep teams happy.
  5. Keep track of the scores/games. When you organize a bowling tournament it is important to keep accurate records. This will help you determine the winners and losers and which teams will move on. If you are the bowling tournament organizer, it is usually your job to keep track of all scores. Have team captains report to you at the end of each game or night.
  6. Announce a winner. When the time comes, it is your job to announce the winner of the organized bowling tournament. If teams have paid money, there may be a prize that comes with the win. You may also want to give out individual prizes for things like the most strikes or best games.

When you organize a bowling tournament, you create fun for yourself as well as those around you.

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