Original ‘Real World’ Roommates: Where Are They Now?

Wondering about the original "Real World" roommates: where are they now? Well Eric Nies, Heather Gardner, Julie Gentry, Kevin Powell, Norman Korpi, Becky Blasband, and Andre Comeau are each doing their own thing these days. "The Real World: New York," as it was known, threw the concept of the "reality television series" into the public eye with much delight to Western audiences everywhere. The original "Real World" roommates came from a variety of backgrounds, jobs, lifestyles, to live together for several months.

  1. Becky Blasband, also known as the "folk singer," has been running a successful music career. She has opened for Bon Jovi, Matchbox Twenty, Squeeze, and numerous other rock bands since the end of the Real World. She is 43 years old now.
  2. Andrea Comeau, the "stereotype," was known for being Generation X's prototypical rocker. While a part of the original "Real World" roommates, Comeau had a band called "Reigndance," who was struggling to make it in the industry. Nowadays, Comeau has a new band, "River Rogue," which he plans to keep underground or else he "will then have to not like it anymore" due to his animosity towards mainstream music.
  3. Eric Nies, known to others as the "model," had a troubled past. Although his physique attracted the women, Nies struggled with the law and other past problems. Today, Eric is known to have cooled his pompous attitude of the past, once seen saving a dog that unfortunately fell into ice-cold water in 2008. He hosted "The Grind," a successful television series, for a while, while also promoting his exercises products.
  4. Kevin Powell, the "activist poet," is now a candidate for the United States congress. Although portrayed as an angry young black man in the "Real World" series, Powell is quite the intellectual, with a very sensitive and emotional side. He is a curator at the Brooklyn Museum's Hip-Hop exhibit.
  5. Heather Gardner, the "rapper," is a hip-hop artist to this day. Known as Heather B., she signed with Boogie Down Productions, releasing two albums and now preparing for a third.
  6. Julie Gentry, the "Southern Belle", is a housewife. Unfortunately, due to her predisposition to family life, she is the only former Real World cast member who has no celebrity career. Regardless, she takes periodic trips with Becky Blasband and Norman Korpi and is planning to work on an organic farm in her area.
  7. Norman Korpi, the "painter," has continued his work in design, film, and art. He has founded quite a few homosexual-targeted media companies since his departure from the show, and worked on a variety of Real World related projects. His film "The Wedding Video" is famed for its gay humor and Korpi's personal breakout into the movie industry.

The original "Real World" roommates were diverse, and remain that way today. They set the path for the modern day reality show, while giving young audiences important, relevant issues to think about (such as sexuality, drugs, and racism). While most "Real World" casts can't live up to the first season, not everyone can be ground-breaking.

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