Orphanages In The United States

Orphanages in the United States can be found in any state. Most of them are Christian based orphanages that give underpriviledged children a safe place to start over. Orphanages often have a negative connotation associated with them; however, these orphanages are bringing positive light and making a positive impact on children's lives.

  1. Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina. This orphanage isn't simply an orphanage. Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina takes a community approach to helping children. They provide four campuses with community-based group homes. Often, being an orphan means not having a sense of community. However, this orphanage makes it a point to bring the sense of community to each child. A highlight of this orphanage is the wilderness camp for boys. For those looking to adopt, the placement and prevention services are some of the best in North Carolina.
  2. Buckner International. Based out of Dallas, Texas, this orphanage provides residential programs for children who are "at-risk" as well as families. Not only is counseling available, but this orphanage has a more hands-on approach. They take mission trips to nine other countries to help other orphanages. These mission trips shows their children how lucky they are and that no matter the circumstance, things could be worse and we should always help those less fortunate.
  3. Covenant House. This is the largest privately-funded orphanage in the United States. Covenant House has many locations in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. This orphanage specializes in homeless and runaway youth. The children in this orphanage are encouraged to take a path in life that helps others and their community. They volunteer on a regular basis and use outreach as a teaching tool.
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