Other Dishes To Serve With London Broil

Looking for great ideas for side dishes to serve with London broil dinners? London broil is a bit of an oddity. The recipe did not originate in London, England. London broil is, in fact, a North American creation. It refers to a recipe and preparation, not a certain cut of meat. London broil is prepared by tenderizing flank steak or top round. The meat is allowed to marinate for several hours before broiling about three inches below the broiler. Here are a few side dishes to serve with London broil.

  1. Steamed broccoli Select a bunch of fresh looking broccoli from your grocer’s produce section. To prepare, wash the broccoli and peel the outer skin off the stalk. Cut the florets off the stems and place in a bowl of cold water. Place broccoli in a steamer or fill a saucepan with about an inch of salted water. Cover the saucepan with a lid and allow the broccoli to steam for a few minutes. Remove when the broccoli reaches the desired tenderness. Serve with butter or balsamic vinegar. This side dish is a great companion to your London broil.
  2. Green salad A crunchy, green salad is a healthy alternative to serve with a London broil dinner. Select fresh romaine hearts and baby spinach as the base.  Wash and stem the leaves, add one cup shredded carrots and three stalks of celery that have been cut and washed. Top with cucumber slices, fresh peas and sliced radishes.
  3. Garlic and cheddar mashed potatoes Garlic mashed potatoes make the perfect comfort food side dish for London broil dinners. Wash and prepare three pounds of white potatoes for boiling. Cut into chunks and boil in salted water until tender. Drain off the hot water and set aside. Peel and slice two garlic cloves.  Crush the garlic with the side of a heavy knife and place in the pan with the potatoes. Add ½ cup butter and milk (enough to make creamy potatoes), whip potatoes with a hand mixer until creamy. Add two cups shredded medium cheddar cheese. 
  4. Mashed sweet potatoes Another comfort food, mashed sweet potatoes helps bring out the savory flavors in London broil. Wash and peel three pounds of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a little tougher to peel and cut than regular potatoes. Dice and boil the sweet potatoes as you would for mashed potatoes.  After they are soft, drain the potatoes and add two sticks of butter (do not substitute margarine) and a ½ cup evaporated milk. Mash the potatoes with a hand mixer or potato masher. Add one cup brown sugar and two tablespoons cinnamon. Serve warm.

Include dinner rolls with the spread and add a warm apple pie and you have the makings of a terrific meal. Enjoy one or all of the side dishes with your London broil supper. Serve with a chilled bottle of Bordeaux wine.   

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