Ouija Board Dangers

When people play with Ouija boards, they don’t often think about the Ouija board dangers that could accompany them. Of course, there have always been suspicions by many surrounding the seemingly innocent game in that it just might be a real portal to the paranormal. Are there real Ouija board dangers that you should be looking out for? Is there more behind the seemingly childlike board game than meets the eye?

  1. One of the most common Ouija board dangers is that it is speculated to summon demons. It may come as a surprise that you could be playing with negative energies from Hell itself by doing something as simple as starting an “innocent” Ouija board session. According to one family, a demon was accidentally summoned through the Ouija board and wreaked havoc more than an excruciating hour before vanishing. The entire family was left with physical evidence in the form of bodily injury from the demon’s “visit.”
  2. Demons might be able to use the Ouija board as a medium for possession and taking over souls. It is thought that demons or evil spirits may need a medium for continuing their havoc, and this is done through possession. These evil energies and spirits can cause normal, level-headed people to perform horrid acts and behave differently. It is speculated that possession has even, in some cases, led to gruesome violence as well as murder.
  3. Asking for physical proof of a spirit’s existence is a bad idea. Many times, these grotesque things happen in result from humans requesting that the evil spirit or demon reveal himself or show signs of his/her presence. It is never a good idea to demand or ask that a presence enters your dimension because of this.
  4. Never start an Ouija board session without stating that negative energies and spirits are not welcome. When you loosely start a session without making this comment, you leave the door wide open for practically anything to contact you. This could lead to very sinister and threatening situations. To keep things as calm and upbeat as possible, make your request known.
  5. Never leave the Ouija board open when finished. Leaving the Ouija board open essentially can leave the gateway open to the unknown. It may seem trivial, but you should always move the slider to the “goodbye” spot and then begin packing it up. This is a good habit to get into to eliminate the possibility of an undesired presence creeping through to your dimension unknowingly.
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