Outdoor Basketball Equipment Essentials

If you're going to play outside, you need these outdoor basketball equipment essentials. Playing basketball outside is slightly different than shooting around in a gym. Certain outdoor basketball equipment is needed to keep you from getting hurt. Other outdoor basketball equipment is used because it makes playing on the blacktop more bearable. A player that's used to playing outdoors is an entirely different animal than an inside player and uses outdoor basketball equipment such as balls made for the concrete. They also use shoes with a little added protection for jumping on a harder surface. Sweat bands and other items are much needed outdoor basketball equipment. Here's some essential equipment that guys use when they hit the blacktop.

  1. An outdoor ball. You can't have a good game without an outdoor ball. This is probably the most important piece of outdoor basketball equipment. When playing on concrete or asphalt, you need a ball that can stand up to these rough surfaces. The outside balls are usually made of a tough rubber and can stand very rough courts. If you try to use that weak indoor ball, it'll be worn out by the end of the day. There are also indoor outdoor basketball hybrids. They apparently work just as well indoors as the do on the black top. If you use the ball outdoors, keep it outdoors. Don't bring it inside. 
  2. The shoes. Due to the fact that the black top is a harder surface to run on then wood, you need shoes with a little extra padding. The thicker high top basketball shoes work well outdoors. They'll absorb more of the shock from running and jumping on the concrete. Just like the outdoor balls, this piece of outdoor basketball equipment needs to stay outdoors. Concrete wears down the soles of your shoes a lot faster than wood does. One game of outside basketball is enough to fade the grooves of your shoe's soles. If you try to use these shoes indoors, you'll be sliding all over the court. So, if you use your basketball shoes outdoors even once, they are now going to be a part of your outdoor basketball equipment.
  3. Sweat bands, wrists bands, and other items. You're bound to sweat more playing outdoors. The sun's beating down on you all day. Items like sweat bands and wrist bands are essential outdoor basketball gear because of this fact. You can get away with not using them indoors because you just don't get as hot inside a gym. Sure, you'll perspire but it's nothing like the buckets of water you'll spill in an outside game. You'll need the sweat bands to keep the sweat out of your eyes and off your hands in an outside game. You definitely need these pieces. Also, if you have bad knees and an iffy back, you should get some sort of knee support wraps as well. Remember, running on concrete is a lot harder then playing games on a wood floor.
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