Outdoor Billiards Table Covers

The top outdoor billiards table covers should be able to hold up to weather, animals, and daily wear and tear. If you own a billiards table, you understand how important it can be to keep the felt in perfect condition. The only way to do this is with a good cover that can hold up to any condition and keep the table in that brand new condition. These are the top outdoor billiards table covers that any billiards table owner would love.

  1. Mizerak Heavy Duty Premium Billiard Table Cover – Mizerak makes a very durable table cover that could hold up to any condition. It is made out of a very thick ,heavy duty vinyl that could stand up to cat claws, horrible weather, or just the wear and tear of putting it on and taking it off often. It is also large enough to fully cover a 7 foot table, covering any long tassels as well.
  2. Sports Fan Universal Fit Billiard Table Cover – Sports fan makes a universal billiard table cover to fit a number of sizes of tables. The great thing about this cover from Sports Fan is that they come in a wide variety of sports teams. Now, anyone can let their team be known by getting this vinyl cover with soft liner, with their team logo screened on the center of the cover.
  3. CueSight Heavy Duty Billiard Table Cover – CueSight makes a table cover that not only protects the table against anything, but has an attractive look. This billiard table cover is made of thick naugahide with a velour backing for extra protection. This table cover is water proof, cat proof, and weather proof. The other great thing about this cover is that it comes in a wide selection of colors, so the cover can match any color theme.
  4. PoolDawg Heavy Duty Billiard Table Cover – PoolDawg makes a very thick, and durable cover for billiard tables of any size. This cover is made of naugahide material, and not only covers the felt of the table, but drops down to protect the sides. It is very thick, and can handle protecting a table in any condition. Another great aspect of this cover is that it comes in brown, tan, or black for a personalized look.
  5. Jack Daniel's Leatherette Billiard Table Cover – This cover not only add's style, but protection to any table. The black background has the Jack Daniel's logo directly in the center, for a classic and distinct look. The material of this cover is made out of a heavy duty leather like material that can handle any spilled drink, eager cat or freak dust storm.
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