Outdoor Shamrock Oxalis: How To Grow

Ever wanted to learn about outdoor shamrock oxalis, how to grow them and how to keep them? Outdoor shamrock oxalis is fairly easy to grow. It is a perennial flowering plant that is grown for both its shamrock like foliage and its pretty flowers. Learn how to grown outdoor shamrock oxalis with these easy steps.

To grow outdoor shamrock oxalis you will need:

  • shamrock Oxalis tubers
  • an outdoor planting area
  • a garden trowel
  • compost, if needed
  1. Finding the idea spot. Shamrock oxalis grow best in soil rich in organic matter, such as decaying leaves. Shamrock oxalis prefer a partially shady environment, but will tolerate sunny conditions for a portion of the day. Find the perfect spot in your garden before planting your shamrock oxalis.
  2. Prepare the soil. If needed, add organic matter to the soil before planting. Use the trowel to loosen the soil and mix some hummus or well cured compost into the planting area.
  3. Separate the tubers. Divide the tubers into single plants and plant each one separately. Be sure to plant shallowly, only four to five centimeters deep, keeping the top, or crown, above the soil. Plant about twenty centimeters apart, to allow room for the shamrock oxalis to spread.
  4. Water. After the initial planting, water the shamrock oxalis well. Once established, the plants will not need as much water. But until they've developed a good root system, be sure not to let them become too parched between watering periods.
  5. Watch them grow. Shamrock oxalis are relatively easy to grow and do not require much maintenance once established.
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