Outercourse Risks

Outercourse risks are important to know about when it comes to ensuring safe sensual outercourse experiences. Outercourse, otherwise known as dry humping or frictional sex, is a sexual act between two or more individuals who rub their genitals against one another. This act can be performed "bareback" without sexual protection or using an array of barriers to prevent risk of harm to one's health. Here are some outercourse risks and preventative measures to be aware of.

  1. Know your partner. When it comes to sexual activity, you must take measures to protect yourself no matter what. Even something like outercourse that seems harmless can create trouble if you don't pay attention and choose sexual partners wisely. Take the time to get to know your partner and make sure you can really trust them to be safe and protected, whether they're monogamous with you or not. 
  2. Use protection. Although outercourse risks are minimal in comparison to sexual intercourse, it is not worry-free. Sexual outercourse does not penetrate the vaginal or anal openings, but it still allows lovers to come into contact with bodily and sexual fluids, which can still pose the risk of carrying STDs. Additionally, you can still become pregnant, although a very slight risk, from outercourse. The use of a condom and spermicidal can help to inhibit the chances of this occurring, so use one. 
  3. Communicate. One of the risks of not just outercourse, but any sexual act, is lack of satisfaction due to poor communication. This can cause relationship issues, and really frustrate partners. Alleviate these fears and issues by communicating with your lover during the act of outercourse. Outercourse friction may irritate your genitals if someone is moving too hard or two fast, making the sensations less than pleasurable. Additionally, extended sexual outercourse can make someone extremely sexually frustrated, increasing their need and desire for real sex. Talk with one another to establish boundaries of proper outercourse play so both parties are satisfied.
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