Outercourse Techniques

If you are looking to learn more about outercourse techniques, you have come to the right place. Outercourse is basically a safe way to enjoy the body of your partner without actually having sex. You can prevent pregnancy this way. Diseases can still be caught if you are not careful, so be sure you ask your partner if they have a history of any physically transmitted infections or diseases, such as mono, oral or genital herpes, or genital warts.

  1. Kissing is a great start to outercourse techniques. This is a wonderful way to get close to your partner and feel connected to them. This can lead to more in depth touching and kissing.
  2. Oral sex play is one step that can work great. Using your tongue and mouth to explore each others bodies can be very enjoyable. Either one of you can orgasm in this method as well if you do it in a way the other person enjoys enough.
  3. Use your hands for outercourse. Touch each other in every part of their body. You can use hands and fingers on breasts, the vagina, or other intimate parts. You can even just simply give each other a sensual massage. This is also a great way to have an orgasm. You can also try self masturbation for the other person to watch. This can be a wonderful turn on.
  4. Grinding against each other can be fun. Make sure that you do not put the penis right next to the vagina because this is not safe. You can end up accidently getting sperm inside of her. Just rub your penis against her leg or leave panties on so that you can enjoy the feeling of being this close to each other.
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