Overactive Bladder Medication

Overactive bladder medication is available with a doctor's prescription to help slow down or stop those sudden urges. An overactive bladder can be miserable and put a real damper on your life. It can make even the simplest tasks such as going out to dinner difficult. It can make going on vacation nearly impossible due to the frequent need to use the bathroom. Overactive bladder medication is designed to block the nerve signals related to bladder muscle contractions. Most overactive bladder medications work the same.

  1. Trospium – Used as an overactive bladder medication, the brand name of trospium is Sanctura. It is used for leaking accidents, frequent or sudden urges to urinate and frequent urination.

  2. Tolterodine – The brand name of tolterdine is Detrol. Detrol is also available in a once a day long acting pill, known as Detrol LA. It is made to treat frequent urination, sudden or frequent urges to urinate, and help control leaking accidents.

  3. Solifenacin – Under the brand name of VESIcare, solifenacin is used to treat common overactive baldder problems. These problems include leaking accidents, frequent and sudden urination and strong urges to urinate.

  4. Oxybutynin – Also known under the brand name Ditropan, it is also available in an extended release version called Ditropan XL. Another brand name for oxybutynin is Oxytrol. The overactive bladder medication is used to help leaking accidents, frequent or sudden urges to urinate, painful urination, and frequent urination.

  5. Fesoterdone – This is used for frequent and sudden urges to urinate, frequent urination and leaking accidents. It is also known under the brand name Toviaz.

  6. Darifenacin – Enablex is the brand name of darifenacin. It is used to help control frequent urges to urinate and leaking accidents caused by an overactive bladder.   

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