Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming procrastination is a difficult task, so you need to get started right away. The more you put things off, the more they pile up. The more they pile up, the more you put them off. Don't put off reading these five great tips to overcoming procrastination. 

  1. Git 'er done. This may seem overly simplistic because the nature of procrastination is to put things off; but to overcome that, just do it now. Instead of telling yourself you have plenty of time and that you will do it later, just get it done as soon as you know you have the time. This will make you feel better because it will be out of your hair and off your mind. 
  2. Set a deadline. As soon as you know you have to do something, set a deadline. Deadlines are helpful in overcoming procrastination. Don't just tell yourself that you will get to something. Put it on a calendar and honor the commitment. If you don't put it in writing, you are far less likely to get to it. 
  3. Motivate yourself. Set a reward for accomplishing the task. Reward yourself with time off or some kind of shiny object or carrot you can dangle in front of you that will cause you to complete the task. Don't give in; if you want the reward but haven't done the task, don't take the reward. 
  4. Shorten your to-do list. A large to-do list often becomes too overwhelming and people tend to procrastinate in getting things done. Overcome this by trimming it down or getting rid of it and starting over. Try making several lists that are theme related. Start working on the list that has fewer items. You'll procrastinate less if you can see the end of the work, not just a big, unending mountain to tend to. 
  5. Don't be an idealist or a perfectionist. When overcoming procrastination, allow yourself to be less than perfect. Do a good job, but leave perfectionism to less-busy people. And don't be an idealist: You will drive yourself nuts. You will never be satisfied with any task you do, and you will not want to start a new one because you will fear putting yourself through that again.



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