Overseas Jobs For Americans

Overseas jobs for Americans can be found in many different industries. Some jobs you need to specific international training for, but other overseas jobs for Americans require no additional training at all. In all cases, you will at least need to brush up on the culture and language for the country you will be living in when you decide to take one of the overseas jobs for Americans.

  1. Teaching. When we talk about teaching overseas jobs for Americans, it can be broken down into two types; teaching foreigners and teaching other Americans overseas. If you intend on teaching foreign students subjects such as English and American History, then you will need to learn the native language of the country you are going to and you will also need to find out what the certification requirements are for becoming a teacher. Large American corporations, and government installments such as embassies and military camps, also require teachers.
  2. Oil drilling. If you enjoy physically demanding work that pays well, then working for an oil company is one the overseas jobs for Americans you should look into. You could make overseas oil drilling your career by studying engineering or geology in college. Your other option is to become a laborer on an oil drilling rig or in one of the many overseas oil fields owned by American companies.
  3. Musician. Music is an international language, and there are opportunities for overseas jobs for Americans in the field of music. You can apply for work in one of the many American based theater productions that has performance schedules overseas, or you could make an adventure out of it and try your hand at working the clubs and bars overseas as a solo musician. Stay with the major music capitals of the world such as Paris or London, and you may be starting the experience of a lifetime.
  4. Hotel industry. The American-based hotel chains have locations all over the world that can be sources of overseas jobs for Americans in many different kinds of positions. American tourists travel to locations all over the world, and hotel chains can always use Americans in their foreign locations to make American guests more comfortable. Some of the positions to consider are events coordinator, desk clerk and banquet organizer.
  5. Government jobs. The United States government has locations all over the world that require staffing by civilian personnel. Consulates, embassies, military posts and foreign affairs offices all require a variety of personnel to run them. Some of the positions you can look into applying for include food service, administrative assistant, clerical work, security and building operations. See if your experience matches openings for US government jobs overseas.
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