Overview: Craps Betting System Betting Increments

Craps betting system betting increments seem too good to be true, as they are supposed to allow a player to overcome the odds by strategic betting. As it turns out, these betting increment systems are too good to be true. No betting system can change the odds of the game, though making bets on dice rolls with better odds of payout makes it more likely for you to make money. This overview of craps betting increments shows you how to follow the Martingale betting system, but use the system at your own risk.

To utilize craps betting system betting increments you will need to:

  • Learn how craps works
  • Learn about possible bets
  • Find a traditional craps table (not one that uses cards)
  1. To follow the Martingale system, make a small initial bet. This could be the table's minimum bet, which will likely be around $5. If you do not have a lot of money and all of the tables' minimum bets are very high, it is not a good idea to try this system.
  2. If you win, pocket your winnings and start over with the minimum bet. If you lose the initial bet, double it. This means that at a table with a $5 minimum you will raise your bet to $10.
  3. If you lose again, continue doubling the betting increments. Raise the bet to $20 if you lose the $10 bet. If you win, remove all of your chips except for the minimum bet (of $5, for example).
  4. If you continue to lose, you may end up in a tough spot. The system says to continue increasing the betting increments indefinitely, so your lost $20 bet will become a $40 bet. After only seven rounds of losing in which you start with a $5 minimum and double every time, you will end up betting $320 on a single bet, which can be scary for someone who is not wealthy. And the worst part is that even if you do win, you will only end up with a profit equal to the initial minimum bet (or $5).
  5. To avoid hitting a financial wall in which you cannot afford the betting increments anymore, learn when to stop. If the system is making you anxious, either go back to making small bets or leave the table completely. Sometimes the key to smart gambling is to know when the luck is just not there and risking your savings for a game in which the odds of winning are less than 50 percent is never a good idea.

Again, craps betting system betting increments will not make you more likely to win. They may make it seem easier to win and you may enjoy using betting increments, but odds are constant. Each roll of the dice is independent of a winning or losing "streak." Making consistently small bets on dice rolls with better odds will take longer, but it will increase your chances of not losing a large quantity of money in craps. But it is most important to remember that with gambling the casino has the advantage and winning is never guaranteed.

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