Overview: Super Trifecta Betting

An overview: Super Trifecta betting can assist the novice horse racer gambler's time and money. There is no sure way to win money betting on any race. Super Trifecta betting, however, gives the gambler more chances to win on each race.

  1. Review the horses. Professional and legal horse tracks offer information on the horses running each of the races for the day. The track and race placement on each runner is available. For Super Trifecta betting, you will need to select at least three horses you believe to be the winners. Deciding should be based not only on the amount of wins for each horse, but on the conditions of the track. Some horses have better records on wet versus dry tracks. Also, the jockey's records should be taken into consideration. Some jockeys consistently turn in more victories than others.
  2. Box betting. One type of Super Trifecta betting is the box bet. This type of betting allows for the three horses of your choice to finish in any of the top three spots. For example, if you bet on horse number 3, number 4 and number 12, if those horse all place in the top three spots, in any order, you win. This type of betting is best used when the three horses are equally matched.
  3. Wheel betting. For the unsure gambler, the Super Trifecta betting wheel works well. The wheel works by allowing the better to choose one horse to place in any of the top three spots while placing other horses in the second or third positions. For example, you bet the wheel on horse number 3 to place in the top three spots. Then, you can pick three different horses to place in the second or third position, and three more horses to place in third. This type of betting gives the gambler a wider variety of horses to bet on.
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