Owl Tattoos For Men

Owl tattoos for men are a strong fashion and personality statement that, if done well, can significantly ad to the overall character you portray. With owls, there are many types of tattoo options so you can make sure you never find a duplicate of your ink art. Think about whether you want your tattoo to be a realistic or cartoon reproduction of an owl. Take a look at some of these tattoo ideas to get you on the right track.

  1. Owl Eyes. One way to make sure your badass avian tattoo doesn’t look too feminine is to focus just on the large, all seeing eyes of an owl. Peering out from a shoulder blade or upper arm, these wise eyes will attract attention and generate intrigue. Realistic owl eyes in particular are incredibly fascinating.
  2. Spiritual Owls. As birds of prey who are also nocturnal, owls have always played a role in myth and magic. If you feel a spiritual connection to owls, you’ll want a tattoo that reflects the more magical side of the bird. You can make your tattoo more symbolic by using fewer colors, less detail and a design that lends itself to the divine.
  3. Owls in Flight. Owls are strong birds with huge wingspans that help them glide through the night, hunting quietly. Because they so rarely have to flap their wings, their prey is never alerted. A tattoo of an owl in flight on a shoulder blade or arm symbolizes power, travel and dominance.

Further Information:

  • Researching online the different kinds of owls that exist is a good way to get your imagination jumpstarted. There are lots of varieties of owls, varying in size, color and shape.
  • Native Americans in particular included owls in their mythology and beliefs. If you have Native American heritage that you feel connected to, an owl tattoo can be a great representation of that.
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