Oxyelite Pro Side Effects

Oxyelite Pro is a pill that can help burn fat. Usually it should be taken with meals. However, because of its "instant" claims to burn body fat, there are skeptics who think it may not work. The side effects are minimal, but they are important to know.

  1. Catabolic. Because of Oxyelite's ability to decrease the appetite and increase metabolism sweat is a common side effect. However, because of Oxyelite's ability to decrease the appetite while its burning fat, muscles can become catabolic which means that they can break down. So, it is important to continuously use your muscles while taking Oxyelite Pro.
  2. Caffeine. Oxyelite Pro uses minimal amounts of caffeine in order to speed up metabolism. Sometimes the caffeine in Oxyelite Pro can come all at once or in random order. These side effects include restlessness, nervousness, insomnia, increased urination, gastroinstestinal disturbances such as gas and increased stool movement, rapid heart beat, muscle twitching, and irritability. Another side effect of the caffeine in Oxyelite Pro is the capability for it to become addictive. When coming off of Oxyelite Pro, withdrawal from the caffeine can cause nausea and headaches.
  3. Hot Flashes. Some users of Oxyelite Pro have reported hot flashes. This is from the the increase in thermogenic compounds which can increase the metabolism. The side effect of increased metabolism is sudden hot flashes.
  4. Erectile Issues. For some male users of Oxyelite Pro, erectile disfunction. This effect comes from the 1,3 dimethylamylamine. This ingredient is a vascoconstrictor. This side effect will only last for a few days.



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