Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip

A Pacific Coast Highway road trip can be one of the most beautiful road trips that you can take in the continental United States, as this highway runs right along the incredibly picturesque Western coastline of the country, through California, Oregon and Seattle. There are a number of incredible sites to stop and see along the way, as well as world class American cities. This Pacific Coast Highway road trip will go from North to South, highlighting a number of places you should stop along your journey, which will probably take at least a week or two of your time, but will be well worth it.

To go on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip, you will need:

  • A car
  • Money
  • Atlas or GPS
  • Travel Guide Book of West Coast
  1. Seattle, Washington. The first of many world class cities on the Pacific Coast Highway, Seattle is known for it's rainy days but temperate weather, it's incredible music scene and great sushi, among other things. As this is where your Pacific Coast Highway road trip will begin, you might as well spend a day and night, at least, hanging out in Seattle and getting a real feel for this unofficial capital of the Pacific Northwest.
  2. Cannon Beach, Oregon. The coastline of Oregon is an especially spectacular section of the Pacific Coast Highway, but a must-stop along the way are the tourist towns on along the beach on the Northern Coast of Oregon, namely Cannon Beach. There you will find small, comfy inns right on the sand and massive rocks that are hundreds of feet high jutting up, off the beach and surf, creating one of the most picturesque coastline sections in the world.
  3. San Francisco, California. The second world-class city along your Pacific Coast Highway road trip is worth at least a day or two, driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, eating in Chinatown and little Italy and maybe visiting Alcatraz or the Ghiradelli Factory. You'll understand why San Francisco is considered one of the finest cities in the world.
  4. Big Sur, California. The only part of your Pacific Coast Highway road trip which may trump what you saw at Cannon Beach in Oregon is Big Sur, which is almost universally considered one of the most beautiful sections of coastline in the world. Hang here for a day and night respectively and write some Beatnick poetry.
  5. Los Angeles, California. As your Pacific Coast Highway road trip comes to a close, unless you want to head down to San Diego and Baja, Mexico, visit Los Angeles, which is a world class city, if you know where to go. Shop and eat in Santa Monica and try to catch some waves in Venice and Manhattan Beach, if you feel like renting a surfboard.
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