Paddle Surfing: Hawaii Vs Hulakai

Let's talk about two major companies for paddle surfing: Hawaii vs. Hulakai. These two local companies specialize in making stand-up paddle boards, which are longer, heavier and thicker then your average surfboard, as the riders have to be able to balance on them for extended periods of time on an often rocky ocean. There are a number of differences between the paddle surfing boards made by Hawaii and Hulakai.

  1. Making the boards. Both the boards that are made at Hawaii and Hulakai are made from closed cell EPS foam. The boards from the Hawaii shop are laminated in varying degrees, depending on what type of board you purchase and the boards the Hulakai are hand finished in a lightweight epoxy or upgraded bullipoxy which can withstand more damage and strain.
  2. Different types of boards at Hawaii. Hawaii paddle surfing carries four different types of boards. The Progressive series is the cheaper, more standard paddle surfing board for someone who is going to paddle surf casually or rent out boards to people. The competition series is meant for people who paddle surf regularly and will race against each other. The Boardworks series are meant for people who want a high-end paddle surfing board which is durable and can withstand a lot of stress. Hawaii also has performance and racing boards that are meant for speed and very serious paddle surf racers out there. Consider this when comparing Hawaii versus Hulakai.
  3. Different types of boards at Hulakai. Hulakai paddle surf boards are cheaper and more consumer based, not necessarily meant to be made custom for paddle surfers or for those who are looking to race while paddle surfing. These boards are made seasonally in a number of different designs and in a small number. As Hulakai also makes surfboards at their shop, they don't focus as much on paddle surfing boards. Something to keep in mind when comparing Hawaii versus Hulakai.
  4. Who builds the boards? As Hulukai builds a number of different types of boards and focuses primarily on surfing, there is a team of people who put together the stand up paddle boards to be sold to the public. At Hawaii, there is really only one person who builds the paddle surfing boards, a guy named Blane Chambers who does all the stand up and stand up paddles every chance he can get. This is an important thing to note when comparing Hawaii versus Hulakai.
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