Paddle Surfing: Hawaii Vs Southern California

You're into Paddle surfing and you're wondering, Hawaii vs. Southern California, which one is better? When it comes to surfing Hawaii, specifically the North Shore, has long been heralded as a surfing mecca. It seems that there is no contest between Hawaii and Southern California when it comes to surfing. However, stand-up paddle surfing is a different style of surfing and as such, alters the criteria for what makes a good surf spot. Let’s break it down for stand up paddle surfing, Hawaii vs. Southern California, who rules supreme?

  1. The culture of paddle surfing and Hawaii vs. Southern California. Hawaii is the birthplace of stand up paddle surfing. It is also the home of Laird, the undisputed king of paddle surfing in giant mutant freak waves. Southern California is full of janitor kooks crowding up line-ups. Point Hawaii.
  2. Weather for paddle surfing, Hawaii vs. Southern California. Both places are known for being sunny year round, but Hawaii has warmer water and better scenery. You don’t look that sweet mopping the ocean in a wetsuit. Hawaii 2, So Cal 0.
  3. Swell for paddle surfing, Hawaii vs. Southern California. Hawaii has Waikiki, So Cal has Old Man’s at San O. Nut jobs surf the outer-reefs and nut jobs surf the wedge. No one will argue that Hawaii has better swell, but in terms of paddle surfing swell it’s a tie. Hawaii 3, So Cal 1.
  4. Tricking girls with Paddle Surfing, Hawaii vs. Southern California. You won’t pick up any girls walking around with your giant stand up paddleboard log, but you may be able to trick girls into liking you by teaching them to stand up paddle board. Hawaii is a sexier local, but So Cal has way more girls. Silicon floats, and So Cal takes this one. Hawaii 3, So Cal 2.
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