Paddleboard Aerobic Exercises

Working out can be monotonous and boring, but you can enhance your workouts with paddleboard aerobic exercises. Paddleboarding not only gets you out into the sun and water, but gives you an opportunity to get a heart racing exercise. Going into the gym becomes routine, so changing it up gives your body a new way to exercise and burn calories. Anytime you can change up your routine, your workout will be more effective.

Paddleboarding allows you to work on both your upper and lower body. Paddleboard aerobic exercises can be changed up by both standing and lying on the board throughout your time on the water. Standing allows you to work your leg muscles during balance. Lying on the board works your biceps and triceps as you paddle your way through the water.


  1. One of the easiest paddleboard aerobic exercises is for toning your arms. Rowing with the canoe-like paddle while standing on the paddleboard will improve both your biceps and triceps as you paddle through the water. If you haven’t mastered balance on the paddleboard, you can also lay on your stomach on the board and paddle with your arms, diving your arm in deep and reaching back as far as you can. This will also help the deltoid muscles in your shoulders to strengthen.
  2. Abdominal exercises can also be achieved. When you paddle through the water, you need to keep your arms straight. By keeping your arms straight, the torso is forced to rotate slightly. This torso rotation is what propels the board through the water. If you continue this exercise as part of your regular routine, you’ll find your abs to be in great shape very soon!
  3. Work those calves and glutes! Stand on the board with your left foot in front of the right and push your body weight from one foot to the other as a lunge. The combination of doing the lunge while maintaining a rigid body form for balance will quickly tone your legs.
  4. Depending on the purpose of your workout, you can get a good cardio workout with your paddleboard aerobic exercises as well. Standing on the board with your paddle, you can stand straight, arms straight and paddle, continuously alternating arms. The more advanced you get, the faster you go, and thus the more calories you will burn. As your body adjusts to these exercises, you will want to switch up your routine a little each time to ensure your workout is effective every time.
  5. The paddleboard aerobic exercises can be similar to a bike ride– it can be as calm and relaxing or as vigorous as you choose to make it. The canoe style paddle allows for you to change up your routine to go as fast or as slow as you want, all the while burning calories and making your exercise a fun, summery sport. It’s no reason that paddleboard aerobic exercises are popping up at lakes and parks across the country.

When exercising isn’t exciting anymore and you don’t look forward to burning those calories, look into paddleboard aerobic exercises. It’s great outdoor fun and can be a quick way to burn calories while enjoying yourself. Spending hours and hours in the gym every week isn’t fun, but when you’re standing on a paddleboard, maneuvering yourself across a lake, your workout just got supercharged!

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