Pain In Testicles Causes

Pain in testicles causes are wide ranging and some of them are fairly serious. If a man is experiencing pain in testicles or other areas around the groin region, it is often a good Idea to visit a doctor to make sure it isn’t something really serious like cancer or testicular torsion. Most incidents are minor and don’t require any serious medical attention, but you can never be sure, and nobody wants to have something bad happen to his testicles, so it pays to be cautious.

The most common cause of pain in testicles is some kind of injury. Any man knows that even a slight mishap around the region of the groin can lead to some pretty serious testicles pain. Most of the time this only lasts for a few moments, but sometimes the injury is more serious and the pain might linger. If this happens, it’s possible that a doctor’s visit might be a good idea.

Orchitis is the term for many common infections that can lead to pain in testicles. This occurs when various infectious agents work their way down through your penis into your testicles and cause an infection to flare up. Some of the infections are viral and others come from bacteria. When bacteria is the cause, doctors might be able to treat it with antibiotics, but viruses don’t respond to this kind of treatment, so doctors usually just try to make the patient comfortable while his body heals itself.

Testicular torsion is another somewhat frightening cause of pain in testicles. This happens when the testicles get twisted out of position, cutting off the blood supply. Eventually this actually kills one of your testicles, so it’s a serious emergency. The pain from this kind of injury is supposedly pretty severe. In some cases, a hernia can also lead to pain in testicles, but not usually.

Probably the most serious potential cause of pain in testicles is testicular cancer. It’s pretty rare for men to feel pain with this, but it can happen. In most cases, the man simply finds a lump around his testicle. In either case, early diagnosis can be a big help in treatment so you should take it seriously.

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