Pain Under Left Rib Cage Causes

What are the best diagnosis for causes for pain under your left rib cage? There are many causes for pain under the left rib cage and if you are experiencing pain, it is best to contact your primary physician so proper diagnosis and treatment can become available to you. Below are the best explanations for many common causes of paint under the left rib cage.

  1. Gastritis. Gastritis can be a cause of lower left rib pain, especially after taking deep breath. Gastritis is a bacterial infection in which the thick mucus lining of stomach gets swollen. This stomach swelling can interfere with the ability to digest food properly. This can bring an achy feeling in the lower left rib.
  2. Pinched Nerve. A pinched nerve can be another cause of left rib cage pain. A nerve located in the neck or chest around the spine can pulsate the muscles and skin of the chest. Signs include pain, burning, numbness or tingling, usually only on one side of the chest and rib cage. The pain can feel exaggerated when moving in certain positions, yet you can feel relief in other positions. Diagnosis is made by taking images of the chest and spine.
  3. Shoulder Dislocation. A dislocated shoulder can cause excruciating rib cage and shoulder pain. Common signs and symptoms associated with shoulder dislocation include swelling, numbness, weakness and bruising on the affected side. Since trauma is a frequent reason of dislocation, rib cage injuries can be present.
  4. Rib Injuries. A broken or fractured rib causes pain, usually when deep inhalation occurs and when moving the torso. The main cause of broken or fractured ribs is an injury to the ribs. Diagnosis is made by chest x-ray. Wrapping the ribs to immobilize the chest as treatment is not used anymore because of high incidents of pneumonia. Pain medicine may be prescribed to allow relief for breathing.
  5. Lung Inflammation. Lung inflammation is another cause for under the left rib pain. Pleuritis is an inflammation of the lung membrane on the left side and can cause stabbing pain around the lower ribs. Rib discomfort is usually exaggerated by deep breathing and coughing. Pneumonia affecting the left lung can cause pain under the left ribs, coughing, chest pain and fever.
  6. Indigestion. A sudden onset of pain under the lower left rib area can also be a sign of indigestion. A rich meal followed by constant burping is a symptom of indigestion, which can cause rib pain.
  7. Constipation. Pain under the left rib cage and constipation often appear together. Purging rigid stools requires work on the colon's part and can put excessive strain on any part of the left rib cage.
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