Painful Urination Causes

Painful urination causes can vary from a mild condition to a serious medical problem. A person experiencing this discomfort will definitely know when it is happening. Many times the condition also cause the person to have to use the bathroom more frequently than usual, this can definitely be a problem for one that is already experiencing pain in the area. Using the bathroom more frequently will be the last thing you will want to do under these circumstances.

  1. Prostatitis. Prostatitis is the swelling of the prostate gland. This condition happens very quickly and can cause pain in the groin and make urinating very unpleasant. Prostatitis is seen more in older men over the age of 50 then in young men.
  2. Urinary tract infection. A urinary tract infection is a very common condition that can affect both men. It is also referred to as a UTI. If left untreated it can cause damage the kidneys. Some urinary tract infections may clear up on their own but it is best to seek medical attention to be prescribed an antibiotic for the infection.
  3. Herpes. A herpes infection can cause painful urination. Blisters may appear on the tip of the penis which can cause a burning sensation when trying to urinate. There are medications that can be prescribed to help suppress the condition, but there is no cure for the herpes.
  4. Kidney stones. Kidney stones can be very painful to pass. The stones will usually try to pass in the urine, this can make urinating very painful. Kidney stones are calcium like accumulate in the kidneys.
  5. Sexually transmitted diseases. Many sexually transmitted disease can cause pain during urination. Sexually transmitted disease are easily transmitted and can effect both men. In most cases an antibiotic can be prescribed to help ease the pain.
  6. Bladder cancer. Bladder cancer occurs in the bladder. The pain while urinating can be excruciating and sometimes blood will be seen in the urine as well. 
  7. Urethritis. Urethritis is caused by bacteria or a virus. It is usually the same type of bacteria that cause urinary tract infections. Most men experience a burning pain when trying to urinate. An antibiotic is usually prescribed to treat this type of condition.
  8. Diabetes. Diabetes can also cause painful urination. Individuals with diabetes can experience a more frequency in urinating, this can cause urinating to become uncomfortable and painful. For those who suspect they have diabetes a medical professional should be consulted.
  9. Reactive arthritis. Reactive arthritis is a very uncomfortable condition and causes different parts of the body to become inflamed. One of the most common areas that are inflamed is the genital area in men. When the male genitals become inflamed or irritated by reactive arthritis urinating is very painful. There are special medications that are prescribed by a medical provider to help ease the discomfort of the condition.
  10. Vancomycin-resistant enterococcal.  Enterococci are found inside of the stomach, but they are known to cause infection just about anywhere in the body. They can invade the bloodstream and spread locally to cause an abdominal abscess and urinary infections which make urinating very painful and uncomfortable. This condition is very serious and can be hard to treat. It is important to be seen by a medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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