Paint A Scuba Tank

So you want to paint a scuba tank? It's a task you shouldn't attempt lightly. Painting a scuba tank can hide corrosion and can literally make it unusable. Some dive shops refuse to fill painted tanks for fear that the tensile strength has been compromised. But if you really must, there are ways to do it.

To paint a scuba tank, you will need:

  • High gloss paint and primer (spray paint is ok)
  • Scuba tank
  • Brush
  • Very fine grit sandpaper

Ready to paint a scuba tank? Keep in mind that this is really for decoration purposes only, and that after relatively few dives it's likely that your tank paint job will be damaged by general diving conditions. Also remember that some shops will really not like you for painting your tanks!

  1. Strip. Take any old paint off of the tank if there is any. This is actually a complicated process, so do a search for stripping scuba tank paint.
  2. Prime. Use a high quality high-gloss primer and apply a very light layer. Don't allow any drips and be sure to keep everything very even.
  3. Dry, Repeat. Let the paint dry for at least a few hours, or whatever is the minimum time allowed on the can. Re-apply coats until the tank is fully and evenly covered.
  4. Paint. This is essentially the same process as the primer, but now with colors! Make sure not to try any "textured" painting. In other words, keep layers extremely light and don't allow drips or buildup.
  5. Dry. Let everything dry for 48 hours or the maximum time recommended on the can. Admire your work!
  6. Consider alternatives. Before tackling your next project, consider some alternatives. Sharpies work great and are water resistant. Try coloring with those! Also, most dive shops sells a kind of Puff Paint that is good for marking small areas on scuba tanks. Maybe this will work better for you in the future!
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