Paintball Equipment Essentials

Don't even think of stepping out there without these paintball equipment essentials. With every competitive sport, there are things that you just can't live without. Without these paintball equipment essentials, you don't even want to think about playing. First of all, you'll be outgunned. Secondly, without these paintball equipment essentials, you won't have a chance of performing well. And lastly, without said paintball equipment essentials, you won't be safe. So make sure you at least have these paintball equipment essentials before you hit the field.

  1. Extra CO2.  A good paintball gun goes without saying. Everyone will have a gun. But, what certain novices forget about is the CO2. If you plan on playing paintball for a long period of time, even over night, you're going to need a lot of CO2. Without it, your gun's not going to be able to do much at all. Gauge how long you'll be playing and act accordingly. It's better to have more than less. Without this essential piece of paintball equipment, you'll be a sitting duck.
  2. Extra paintballs. These things disappear so fast it's almost like somebody's stealing them from you. Here's another piece of essential paintball equipment you'd rather have more than less of, especially if you end up in a few shootouts. Which you will if you're playing in any paintball tournament worth its price of admission. So, load up on ammo.
  3. Comfortable, supportive footwear. With all the running jumping and rolling you'll be doing, it behooves you to have a good pair of boots or sneakers. If not, you can look forward to rolling your ankle or some other bothersome injury. And that would end your paintball experience quite quickly, wouldn't it? So invest in some good footwear.
  4. Protective clothing. If you're a hardcore paintballer, you'll have this covered. The hard core guys will probably be sporting fatigues and the like. For the first timers, fatigues are cool, but thick clothing works just as well. If not, prepare to have bruises and welts the size of quarters all over your body. And, those things hurt.
  5. A good mask. This is by far the most important piece of paintball equipment. First of all, without one, they won't let you play. Secondly, you could run the risk of having a serious injury, getting hit in the face with one of those paintballs. Paintballing is fun, but it's not worth going blind over. Do yourself a favor and get a good mask, preferably with a nice sized viewing space.
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