Paintball Field Equipment

The paintball field equipment you bring to a game can determine whether you win by one shot or miss by a mile. Seriously, what are you going to do if you run out of paintballs in the middle of a firefight? And if your barrel gets plugged – then what? Have the right paintball field equipment on hand to make yourself a winner wherever you play.

  1. Paintball tubes: Running out of paintballs is about the worst thing that can happen to you when you're under attack in the paintball field. So it's just plain irresponsible not to bring extra paint to the field with you. Paintball tubes are canisters that dump right into your hopper for a quick refill.
  2. Paintball packs: Need a place to keep those extra paintball tubes? Paintball packs are the way to go. These bullet-proof-style wrap-around packs secure with Velcro and accommodate at least four spare paintball tubes. Yep, you'll look like the Terminator right there.
  3. Barrel squeegee: What happens when your barrel gets plugged with a burst paintball? It's now out of commission. You have two choices: call yourself out of the game or bring along a barrel squeegee for a quickie clean-up.
  4. Mask: You weren't seriously thinking about heading out to the paintball field without a mask, were you? Didn't think so. If you're playing outside, get a mask with a visor. Inside masks generally come without them.
  5. Mask cloth: Stick a cleaning cloth in your pocket to swipe off splattered paint from your mask. Standing behind cover can get you literally covered in paintball splatter when someone shoots at you and misses. If it goes on your mask, you won't be able to see. Then what good are you?
  6. Gloves: Take it from someone who knows – getting shot in the hand hurts like heck. So protect your digits with a pair of gloves to distribute the pain so it's not so shocking when you get hit on your trigger finger.
  7. Scopes: Prepare for long shots or get really accurate at close range with a scope. Most paintball equipment stores have these red dots for sale, so pick one up and attach it to your paintball gun before your next game.
  8. Jersey: Prevent yourself from shooting a buddy by getting matching jerseys for your paintball field equipment box. Besides, you'll look more terrifying in a paintball jersey than your zip-up hoodie.
  9. Neck protector: Just like the hands, getting shot in the neck feels like a real bullet just entered your body. Bring along a bandanna to tie around your neck to take the edge off the shot.
  10. Tanks:  Again, you need to come prepared. Bring along an 8-oz carbon dioxide tank to change out quickly when you run out of air for your gun. This size is large enough to get you through the next game, but small enough you'll hardly notice it in the paintball field.



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