Paintball Field Supplies

Paintball field supplies are comprised of some basic and not so basic items. Paintball field supplies can take on a basic necessity list to a bigger list that supports a growing business. This article will outline some basic needs for paintball as far as managing a field and players.

  1. Portable Field Bunkers: The best and easiest style is inflatable bunkers. With an air compressor, this format is simple to inflate, move to redesign the field and deflate for storage. These bunkers are common use for field paintball and should be considered as essential for paintballing. Paintball snake is the middle piece in speedball or tournament paintball and is a vital piece of field gear. It is used as the focal are for taking out opponents or advancing on their flag. The ‘Doritos’ bunker signifies the entry point on ether side and is also used for cover. Additional bunkers are needed across the field for protection and means of reloading, regrouping and strategizing. These bunkers are called temple, cone, brick, tombstone or half-moon. Variations are needed based on your field of play and desired style of paintball.
  2. Field Netting: This paintball field supply is used to aid in camouflage, set up as additional protection barriers and set up to close off the filed from stray paintballs. It is a very vital and generally very expensive component but an essential field piece for paintballing. Also required as part of the netting purchase are netting clips (to bind netting together), field netting cable (to tie the netting to objects such as drag lines on the outside of the filed boundaries), and filed netting carabiners (for quick set-up and removal).
  3. Player Identification Tags and Field Flags: Being able to identify players by team and whether they are to be removed from the game is easily managed with color coordinated arm bands. These bands are great field supplies and can be coordinated by team and can be removed when a player has been eliminated. This way you can identify players who are illegal based on the arm band criteria. You can also look to have field team flags for capture the flag and additional flags to identify air stations, reload stations and concessions.
  4. CO2 Fill Stations and Reload Areas: Not a must have but a good idea to keep players active and staying in-house to play more. A player running out of CO2 will doom a continuation game and could be a money looser. This paintball field supply just makes sense. It will enable players to refill CO2 tanks and maintain game presence. The reload station for paintballs is a good idea for in-between matches to keep the reload hoppers full for in-game reloads.
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