Paintball Guns For Men

Paintball is a great form of entertainment for people of all ages; make sure you're properly equipped with one (or more) of the best paintball guns for men. There's nothing worse than having an opponent in your sight, only to find that your paintball gun has jammed. Make sure that doesn't happen to you by purchasing one of the paintball guns for men described in this article. A variety of styles will be featured, so decide which one suits your needs or become the ultimate team player by purchasing more than one.

  1. Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker. Spyder is one of the biggest and arguably best names on the market, making high quality paintball guns and accessories at affordable prices. The Spyder Victor is a standard paintball gun and perfect for the beginner or casual player. Extremely light and highly accurate, this is a base model that can either be used as is or be modded to add your own accessories and improvements.
  2. Walther RAM P99 Paintball Pistol. Modeled after a handgun, the Walther RAM P99 is perfect for one-on-one combat or as a backup to a bigger paintball gun. Walther RAM products are produced as replicas of actual handguns. Powered by a twelve gram CO2 cylinder, this paintball gun can use .43 paintballs as well as .43 rubber balls, so if you're looking to save money during target practice, buy some rubber balls and simply re-use them when finished.
  3. US Army Project Salvo Designated Marksman Paintball Marker. Officially licensed by the US Army and modeled after actual army rifles, this semiautomatic paintball gun looks and handles great. A 16" barrel makes for improved accuracy while the foregrip allows you to plant and shoot or shoot on the run. Although it is not a sniper rifle, this paintball gun comes with a red laser sight to assist with targeting.
  4. Tippman A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun. Best used when playing with a team, the Tippman A-5 is designed for long range combat. With a 16" barrel and laser sight, this is one of the most accurate guns on the market. However, the A-5 does not sacrifice accuracy for speed, as this paintball gun has a feed rate of seventeen balls per second!
  5. Ca870 Commandos Shotgun. If you're looking for power, this is the paintball gun for you. The Ca870 is made to resemble a real shotgun. Just like a real shotgun, this delivers a much more powerful shot than the other paintball guns on this list. In addition to paintball capabilities, the gun also loads and fires BBs, meaning when you're done paintballing you can take it out on a hunt. A laser sight is included for better aim and accuracy.
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